Design and Optimization of Sofa Arms for Manufacturing through Thermoforming Process From Composite Materials Based on Plant Fibers

Code: PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2016-0179

Project acronym SOFACOMP
Project abstract    Through the objectives, activities and expected results, the project can be included in the program P2 "Increase of economic competitiveness through research & development and innovation" / 2.1 "Competitiveness through research & development and innovation - Experimental demonstrative project". The necessity of such a product has been identified by the industrial partner, a company specialized in upholstered products, working mainly for IKEA.
   SOFACOMP is a complex project, involving multidisciplinary academic and private participation, in order to achieve composite materials to replace the wood. The new materials are designed for the furniture industry but can also be used for automotive and other household applications. The project is based on the experience, on the current business and market analysis of the coordinator, specialized in the production of sofas and armchairs. Identifying uncovered trends and market segments that highlight the need for this product in conjunction with training, research capacity, development and innovation by the UTCN partner. The project develops a new product (the side of the sofa) made of composite material developed by industrial partner, based on the TRL 4. Upon completion, the technological level of the prototype will be TRL 6. Immediately after completion of the project, the coordinator will take serious actions transformation of the prototype at TRL 8 (product completely developed and certified by tests and demonstrations), so as to produce benefits in the first year after project completion. In support of this approach, UTCN having developed material base metal molds will achieve product realization, under a contract financed from own TAPARO.
Main field 3. Energy, environment and climate change -> 3.2. Environment and climate change
Secondary field 3. Energy, environment and climate change -> 3.1. Energy
Consortium Coordinator:
 Project manager: Dr. eng. Ioan Filip
 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
 Project supervisor: Conf. inf. ec. dr. Emilia Ciupan
Project value 2.517.041 RON